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How to Judge Diesel Generator Set Failure From The Sound


During the early development, diesel generator set is noisy and emits black smoke, so it can only be used in the agricultural machinery for large traction. With the development of diesel engine technology, and there are so many imported diesel engine vehicles models for options now. The well-designed diesel engine is so melodies in sound, as it is different from the gasoline engine in its structural characteristics, it is easy to judge where the fault is by some characteristic sound.

Diesel generator set has symptoms when it fails, and some signs can be heard out, the following rules have been summed up to help you to determine the genset failure through the sound.

(1) If diesel engine makes regular and continuous sound, generally the rotating parts are faulty. If there is continuous percussion, it is likely that the timing gear, flywheel and other near parts fails.

(2) If diesel engine issues irregular and intermittent sound, generally the engine accessories are faulty, such as alternator, starter motor, air compressor, water pump, etc, the installation is not strong or scraping makes sound inside.

(3) If abnormal sound occurs once when diesel engine rotates once, generally the crankshaft-related parts fail, such as piston, piston pin, piston ring and connecting rod bearing and others.

(4) If abnormal sound occurs once when diesel engine rotates every two turns, generally camshaft– related parts are faulty, such as valve, push rod, valve spring and timing gear and others.

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