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Buying Points for Emergency Diesel Generator Set


(1) Determination of alternator capacity of emergency diesel generator set
The rated capacity of the emergency diesel generator set is 12h after the atmospheric correction capacity, its capacity should be able to meet the total emergency load calculation, and to meet the primary load of a single maximum capacity motor starting requirements for verification.

(2) Determination of the number of emergency diesel generator set
There are more than one generator set standby, generally only need one emergency diesel generator set, considering reliability , two units in parallel can also be used for power supply. The number of generator set for emergency use should not exceed three. When using more than one unit, the genset should try to use same model, same capacity, similar voltage regulation and speed characteristics, and the fuel property should be consistent in order to carry out maintenance and sharing spare parts.

(3) Selection of emergency diesel generator set
Emergency units should use high-speed, turbocharged, low fuel consumption, same capacity of diesel generator set. High-speed turbocharged diesel engine has great capacity, occupying a small space; diesel engine has electronic or hydraulic speed control device, speed regulation performance is better; generators should be brushless excitation or phase excitation device synchronous motor, which is more reliable, low failure rate, more convenient maintenance and repair.

(4) Control of emergency diesel generator set
The emergency diesel generator set should have fast self-starting and automatic input device. When the main power fails, the emergency unit should be able to quickly start and restore power supply, a load allowable power from ten seconds to tens of seconds, which should be determined according to specific circumstances. When the main power supply of important projects, 3-5s is needed for determination, avoiding the instantaneous voltage drop and the city power grid closing, and then issues start instructions to emergency generator set.

Hantech Power can supply landbase/marine diesel generator set for prime or emergency use, powered by Cummins, Deutz, Weichai, HND, Yuchai, Perkins diesel engine.

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