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Hantech Power Limited is an excellent generator set OEM Manufacturer, focused on the high quality power equipment, and providing customers with efficient, fast service. We would like to share some generator set repair & maintenance knowledge, advanced technology and world electricity industry news by our blog.

High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection System for Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Cummins diesel generator get adopts common rail fuel injection technology, which is a new technology, set the computer control technology, modern sensor detection technology and injector scaling, it can not only achieve a higher injection pressure, to achieve injection pressure and fuel injection control, but also to achieve pre-injection and sub-injection, so as to optimize the fuel injection characteristics, reduce …

Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Cummins diesel generator set/diesel engine products features: Cummins diesel generator set design, production and testing are in full compliance with GB / T2820-97 national standards. Equipped with Cummins diesel engine, with advanced technology, Cummins genset has reliable performance and long working life. The alternator excitation system enables the genset to recover quickly with any instantaneous load. The low-power design of …

Basic Structure of Weichai Diesel Generator Set

The diesel generator set often use rigid connection on the market now, after diesel engine and alternator connected, which will be installed on the public chassis, and then coupled with a variety of protective sensors, such as water temperature sensor, through these sensors, intuitively make operating status of the diesel engine displayed to the operator, and you can set an …

Reasons for Cummins Generator Set’s First Starting Failure

During the operation of the Cummins diesel generator set, the low oil pressure will cause all the transmission parts to be badly lubricated, and even the cylinder lock and the large bearing gap. If the oil path is blocked, the use of the Cummins generator set will be affected. The following points are Cummins generating set low oil pressure accidents. …

If These Five Cases Occur, Diesel Generator Set Needs Overhaul

Diesel generator sets have the following five cases, we recommend that customers overhaul the generator set: 1. The diesel engine work weakly, significant decline after the acceleration, instability, sound sudden change, exhaust black smoke; 2. Diesel engine starts difficultly at normal temperature, there is percussion the crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings and piston pin during running; 3. In the normal …

Diesel Generator Set Wrong Operations

Diesel generator set wrong operations will seriously affect its life, Hantech Power concludes the following wrong operations of diesel generator sets. 1) The diesel engine is running when the oil is not enough Lack of oil supply will cause lubricating oil lack on the friction surface, resulting in abnormal wear or burns. So adequate oil must be ensured before the …

Reasons for Unstable Speed of Diesel Generator Set

1. Idle speed is not smooth It means that diesel generator set operates suddenly quickly and slowly in the idle speed, but the regularity is not strong, and there are jitter. Diesel generator set is easy to flameout in the rapid deceleration, shift or load, which is mostly cause by governor failure. The main reasons are the followings: (1) Poor …

What are Preconditions of Parallel Operation of Generator Set?

The whole process of generator set putting into parallel operation is called parallel. One set of generator set runs, the voltage sent to the busbar. After the start of another generator set, it parallels with the first genset, in the closing moments, the generator sets should not cause a harmful impact current, and the shaft has not be subject to …

Buying Points for Emergency Diesel Generator Set

(1) Determination of alternator capacity of emergency diesel generator set The rated capacity of the emergency diesel generator set is 12h after the atmospheric correction capacity, its capacity should be able to meet the total emergency load calculation, and to meet the primary load of a single maximum capacity motor starting requirements for verification. (2) Determination of the number of …

Features of Emergency Diesel Generator Set

There are two major characteristics of emergency diesel generator set: The first feature is for emergency use, continuous work time is not long, generally only need to continue to run for a few hours (≤ 12H); The second feature is for the backup, emergency generator set is usually in a shutdown state, only when the main power supply fails, emergency …

Deutz Diesel Generator Set Use Precautions

1) After running for 50 hours, discharge the water in the oil and water separator and check electrolysis level of the battery; 2) When the new Deutz diesel generator runs for 200 to 300 hours, check the valve clearance and check the injector; 3) Every 400 hours, check and adjust the drive belt, replace it if necessary, clean radiator chip …

How to Prevent High Temperature of Cummins Generator Set in Machine Room?

Diesel generator sets (such as Cummins generator set) room ventilation is very important, especially when the diesel generator set runs continuously, Cummins generator set is very advantageous in the cooling, but we should also pay attention to the design of the machine room, the specific solutions are the follows: 1) When the indoor and outdoor air temperature difference is small …

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