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Recent hot news events, engine and generator set related industry dynamics are presented. In addition, referring to the problems that customers often encounter during the product operation, we have collected some typical cases and carried out our professional and detailed solutions.

It is Important to Safely Use Diesel Generator Set

Security risk accidents occurred because the diesel generator sets are not in accordance with the safe use norms recently, Hantech Power recommends that after buying diesel generator set, you need to see standardized guidelines several times, avoiding some security risks. 1. Pay attention to the risk of electric shock The generator set power into the public line must go through …

The Noise Level of Silent Generator Set

Silent generator set is generator set that emit small noise when running. It’s used in places where generator set is required to supply power without noise interference, such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, banks, hotels, or other special places. These kind of silent generator set are used in special environment which are more expensive than ordinary ones. The silent generator set …

Different Power Definition of Diesel Generator Set

When purchasing diesel generator set, most of customers often can’t distinguish the relation between kW and KVA, rated power and standby power: (1)The unit of apparent power is KVA, and we used to apply to express transformers and UPS. The basic function is: the capacity of the uninterrupted power supply when the power supply is interrupted. (2)The active power is …

Automation of Diesel Generator Set

1. Full automation is automation and automatic switching. It does not need manual operation, but it can be achieved through adding a set of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) based on the use of automated control module. When the mains power fails, the generator set automatically detects the signal, and the automatically start for power generation, and then automatically close switch, …

Noise Control Measures for Diesel Generator Set Room

When the diesel generator set is running, noise of 95-110 dB (A) will be usually produced. If the necessary noise reduction measures are not taken, the noise of the unit will cause serious damage to the surrounding environment. In order to protect and improve the quality of the environment, noise must be controlled. Through the use of high-performance sound-absorbing materials, …

How to Select Mine Diesel Generator Set

As the economy becomes more and more developed, the demand for underground mineral deposits is increasing, and many private enterprises are turning their attention to minerals, and because of the particularity of the location of the mines, diesel generator sets are often required as power supply, what are the precautions to select diesel generator set used in mines? First, general …

The Importance of the Anti-rain Canopy for Generator Set Outdoors

As diesel generator set manufacturer, we need to note that importance of anti-rain canopy (better choice: sound-proof enclosure, more advantaged of low noise level, dust proof, anti-rusty, multi-function, easily installed, simple operation and safety) for those generator sets outdoors. In the rainy season or areas, anti-rain canopy is usually mounted on the generator set used outdoors, aiming to prevent the …

Future Trends of Diesel Generator Set in China

According to the analysis of diesel generator set advantages, its functions as standby and mobile power supply are irreplaceable in the short term. With the society development, human’s demands towards electricity supply and power supply guarantee become higher and higher, so the normal market demand of diesel generator set will be on the trend of increase. The appearance of market …

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