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Normal Installation Preparations for Deutz Generator Set


After the production and commission by the diesel generator set manufacturer, the diesel generator set will be transported to the user. But the diesel generator set must be installed before use, so the installation quality will directly affect the life of diesel generator set and failure rate. The installation preparations for Deutz generator set have been introduced as follows:
1. Materials and equipment
1) The Deutz generator set specifications and models should meet the design requirements.
2) A variety types of steel should meet the design requirements, steels have no obvious corrosion, and material proof.
3) Galvanized bolts should be used, with the corresponding galvanized nut flat washers and spring pad.
4) Insulation tape, welding electrodes, anti-rust paint, blending paint, grease should have product qualification certificate.
2. Machine equipment
1) Hand tools: electrical tools, pliers, hydraulic pliers, plate file, hammer, round steel wire.
2) Electric tools: welding machine, hoist, bench drill, grinder, hand drill, electric hammer.
3) Measuring tools: level bar, tachometer, phase table, megger, multimeter, clamp ammeter, test pen, electronic thermometer, phase instrument.
4) Other tools: coupling ejector, gantry, crane, hydraulic forklift, inverted chain, wire rope and so on.
3. Operating conditions
1) The construction of the engine room is completed, the structure and the welding strength meet the design requirements.
2) Deutz generator set installation site should be clean and smooth, and doors and windows installation is completed.
3) Deutz generator set mount, anchor bolts hole, channel, cable tube size should meet the design requirements.
4. Technical preparation
1) Deutz generator set construction drawings and technical information should be complete.
2) Construction plan is completed and approved.
3) Construction should be organized before the construction workers are familiar with the drawings, programs, and security technology.

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