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Differences between Water-cooled and Air-cooled Generator Set


Water-cooled and air-cooled generator sets have their own characteristics, so the choice should be made according to different environments, space, cooling capacity, and different areas, etc. Here are differences between them in some aspects.
1. Water-cooled genset must be equipped with cooling tower for it is open-type circulating water cooling system. And electronic water treatment device or strong magnetic water treatment device must be installed for water-cooled genset cooling system, or cooling efficiency will reduce greatly, the effect of the system will be worsened over time, and yearly water treatment cost is high. Cooling water quality is the key.
2. Air-cooled genset uses air cooling method, no need for essential cooling tower, cooling water pump and piping systems of water cooling system, avoiding condenser fouling and water pipe plug caused by poor water quality, also saving water resources. So it is currently the most economical and easy-maintenance, simplest model among cooling equipment products.
3. Both water-cooled and air-cooled genset can be used in small systems, but large gensets are mostly water-cooled. The cost of air-cooled genset is slightly higher than water-cooled one, but its annual operating costs are lower, after all, water-cooled genset has cooling tower, engine room and electronic water treatment device. Besides, water-cooled genset cooling efficiency will be relatively reduced, but air-cooled one will not.
4. Air-cooled genset is noisier and larger in volume than the water-cooled, which can only be installed outdoor. Most of water-cooled ones are installed in the basement.
5. The cooling system life is more than 20 years for water-cooled genset (water-cooled screw machine) while about 6-11 years for air-cooled one.

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