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Advantages of Diesel Generator Set Automation Control System


(1) Maintain the continuity and reliability of power supply. Diesel generator set automation control system can accurately and quickly adjust the operation of diesel generator sets. When the generator set works abnormally, the automatic control system can normally judge and timely process, issue a corresponding alarm signal and emergency shutdown to avoid damage to the generator set. Meanwhile, it can automatically start standby generator set, shorten the power-off time to ensure the continuity of power supply.
(2) Improve power quality indicators and operational economy, and make electrical equipment in a good working condition. Electrical equipment have high demand on the frequency and voltage of electricity, so the allowable deviation range is very small. The automatic voltage regulator keeps the voltage constant and manipulates the governor to adjust the frequency. Automated diesel power plants rely on automatic adjustment devices to regulate the frequency and useful power.
(3) Speed up control and operation process, improve the continuity and stability of the system. The realization of diesel power station automation can timely change the working conditions and adapt to the system requirements, the genset operation process can be done in a predetermined order, and can continue to monitor the completion situation. Take emergency generator sets for example, manual operation may takes 5-7 minute while automatic control takes less than 10 seconds to start and restore power supply.
(4) Reduce operational energy and improve working conditions. The environmental conditions of the engine room are quite poor, which greatly affects the health of the operator. The automatic control system creates conditions for unattended operation.

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