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Differences Between Marine Genset and Landbase Genset


First, the application fields are different: marine generator sets are widely used in marine main power stations, marine emergency power plants, marine parking power stations, etc. But landbase generator sets are widely used in organs, enterprises, buildings, schools, hotels, banks, posts and telecommunication, construction industry as a long-term power generation equipment or standby emergency power supply.
Second, the composition is different. As we know, diesel generator sets are made of diesel engine and alternator, and the difference between marine and landbase generator sets basically exists in the diesel engine. Marine genset uses open type circulating water cooling diesel engine while landbase genset uses closed type radiator and fan cooling. And marine genset is complex in manufacturing process because its work environment is relatively poor, so it is higher in cost than landbase genset. Marine genset is generally placed in the cabin deck, the water supply, drainage, air supply, exhaust and other installation requirements are high. Landbase genset is placed in the engine room, the installation is more simple, so ventilation is only important.
Third, the inspection requirements are not the same. There are no national mandatory provisions for landbase generator set, so the quality can be quite different. But there are strict requirements for marine generator set, the machine must be inspected and approved by CCS or other foreign classification societies before it is used for the ship, and the requirements of international classification societies are different. Currently in China, China’s CCS, France’s BV and USA’s ABS are more widely applied.
Fourth, the manufacturers’ qualifications are different. Those marine genset manufacturers can produce landbase genset, but landbase genset manufacturers cannot produce marine genset. Any manufacturer must be approved by the classification society factory in order to produce marine gensets. In short, whether it is marine genset or landbase genset, they have the same ultimate goal of power generation, and only the interpretation method is not the same.
landbase diesel generator set

marine diesel generator set

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