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Container Generator Set

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Container Type Generator Set:
Container Generator Set adopts the advanced sound-absorbing materials, with scientific design, acoustics, air flow advanced technology to reduce the noise. It can be divided into low noise type, low noise portable speakers, genset room noise reduction etc, which is suitable for the places with strict requirements for noise, such as hospitals, office places, open fields, fixed places in the field. It also can improve the ability of rain prevention, snow prevention and sand prevention for the power system.

Standard Configuration:
1. In accordance with the international standard container design and manufacturing, the rated power of genset is 1000KVA below use the 20 feet container, 1250KVA above use the 40 feet container.
2. With the international container safety convention CSC certification, the whole genset can be directly shipping as a standard container, greatly saving the transportation costs.
3. The container is equipped with two explosion-proof lamp / screen equipped with a explosion-proof lamp, which is convenient to operate and maintain.
4. Both sides of the box can be opened with a side door, also with ladder on the outer surface, which is convenient for users to maintain and repair.
5. All hinges, locks, bolts are made of stainless steel, the container is equipped with anti-wave and water intrusion device.
6. The control panel and the output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container, convenient for the daily operation and output cable connection.
7. The standard configuration has the permanent excitation PMG system, which provides the motor starting ability and anti-interference to the waveform distortion
8. Fuel tanks, pipelines, oil discharge, muffler and many other unique design, favored by users.
9. The static sound box is provided with a high performance aging resistant flame retardant material and sound-absorbing material, which is excellent design and noise reduction.
Optional Items: automatic fuel injection pump (or control valve) / coolant pump / double oil-water separator / automatic parallel system, etc.


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