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Comparison between Imported Genset and Domestic Genuine Genset


With the development of economy, the enterprise’s manufacturing capacity is also continuously improving, and the summer is the peak of electricity usage, “power cuts” policy makes some manufacturing enterprises shutdown production, which will affect the production efficiency, so Cummins generator set, Weichai generator set and other brands of power generation units has gradually become a backup power supply.
It has become an important work for the enterprise to buy a cheap and good quality genset , many manufacturing companies are confused for the choice of domestic genuine or imported genset? Here is a simple comparison.

1)Maintenance and spare parts: any generator set has been used over a period of time, there will be a failure, if considering maintenance of spare parts and other issues, you can use domestic genuine genset. Though imported diesel engine is characterized by relatively few failures, but in case of a little failure, replacing the spare parts will cost much. If you want to replace parts, only to the headquarters for goods which may take a few months, and during this time, the diesel generator set is purely a pile of scrap metal in the corner, causing lots of work to stop.

2) Quality assurance: a lot of consumers believe that the quality of domestic genuine genset is not very good, but in fact, it is not true. Domestic genuine diesel engine quality can be guaranteed, unless you do not buy domestic genuine goods. But this phenomenon can not be ruled out for imported diesel generator set, once imported diesel genset is refurbished, many people are unlikely to distinguish it from the appearance. And Imported diesel genset operation is more demanding, while domestic one is suitable for use in harsh environments, so if the production environment is better, you can also purchase imported units.

3) Price comparison: imported diesel genset is much higher than domestic genuine one in price, this is why domestic genuine genset sell good around the world.

Hantech Power can provide diesel landbase or marine generator set powered by genuine Cummins, Deutz, Weichai, HND, Perkins diesel engine, with Stamford, Marathon, Leory Somer, Engga, Robot alternator.

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