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Diesel Generator Set Wrong Operations


Diesel generator set wrong operations will seriously affect its life, Hantech Power concludes the following wrong operations of diesel generator sets.

1) The diesel engine is running when the oil is not enough
Lack of oil supply will cause lubricating oil lack on the friction surface, resulting in abnormal wear or burns. So adequate oil must be ensured before the start of diesel generator set and during diesel engine operation, to prevent pull cylinder, burner failure caused by lack of oil.

2) Sudden stop with load or immediate stop after sudden unloading
After the shutdown, the cooling system stop causes drastically reduced cooling capacity, easy to cause cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block and other parts overheating, resulting in cracks, or piston stuck in the cylinder liner due to excessive expansion. So the diesel generator set should be unloaded before the shutdown, and gradually reduce the speed, no-load operates a few minutes (no-load operation for 3 minutes).

3) After the cold start, load operation without warm up
Diesel engine should runs at idle speed to raise the temperature after cold start, the load operation can be done when the oil temperature reaches 40 Celsius or more (the cooling water temperature reaches 60 Celsius in winter).

4) Step on throttle after cold start of diesel engine
If stepping on throttle, the diesel generator set speed increases sharply, causing dry friction and severe wear. Besides, piston, connecting rod and crankshaft force change greatly, causing severe impact, easy to damage the parts.

5) Diesel generator set runs when cooling water is insufficient or cooling water and oil temperature is too high
Insufficient cooling water will reduce its cooling effect, the diesel engine overheats due to lack of effective cooling; cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston set, valves and other parts heat load becomes large, causing sharp decline of its mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, etc, and increasing the deformation of parts, reducing the gap between the parts to accelerate the wear and tear.

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