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Diesel Generator Set Environments Application


According to the application environment, the diesel generator set can be divided into Self-contained Power, Standby Power, Alternative Power, Mobile Power.
(1) Self-contained Power: some electricity consumers do not have grid electricity supply, such as islands far from the mainland, remote pastoral or rural areas, camps, workstations or radar stations in desert and plateau etc., which need self-contained power supply. The self-contained power supply means spontaneous power supply for use, diesel generator set often becomes the first choice for self-contained power supply when the power is not too large.
(2) Standby Power: standby power is also known as emergency power. Some of the electricity consumers have relatively reliable grid electricity, like aquaculture industry, but self-contained power is also needed for emergency in order to prevent accidents, such as circuit failure or temporary power failure. In fact, standby power is actually a kind of self-contained power, but it is not used as a main power source, but as a means of relief only in the case of emergency.
(3) Alternative Power: its function is to make up for the shortage of grid electricity supply. There may be two cases, one is that the price of grid electricity is too high, diesel generator set can save costs as an alternative power; the other is insufficient grid electricity, the use of grid electricity is limited, power departments have to cut power, so electricity consumers need alternative power in order to normally produce and work.
(4) Mobile Power: mobile power is a power generation facility which has no fixed location for use, and is transferred around for use, mostly for outdoor operations. Diesel generator set becomes the first choice for mobile power because of its characteristics, such as light weight, flexibility and easiness to operate. Mobile power is generally designed in the form of power vehicle, including self-powered and a trailer power.

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