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How to Prevent High Temperature of Cummins Generator Set in Machine Room?


Diesel generator sets (such as Cummins generator set) room ventilation is very important, especially when the diesel generator set runs continuously, Cummins generator set is very advantageous in the cooling, but we should also pay attention to the design of the machine room, the specific solutions are the follows:

1) When the indoor and outdoor air temperature difference is small and the water is insufficient, it is advisable to use the direct evaporative chillers to reduce machine room temperature.
2) When the water is sufficient and the water temperature to meet the requirements, it is appropriate to use water cooling to reduce machine room temperature;
3) When the indoor and outdoor air temperature difference is large, it is appropriate to use outdoor air to reduce machine room temperature;

If the mobile station control room needs ventilation, it should be handled separately according to the following situations:
1) When the mobile power station and the air defense basement are connected, fresh air should be supplied to the power station control room from air defense basement room;
2) When the mobile power station is set independently, control room should be supplied with fresh air by independent ventilation system of diesel power station, and filter ventilation device should be set up.
3) There shall be an air venting device in the storage space of the mobile power station, and the number of ventilation shall not be less than 5 times per hour.

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