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Bearing Requirements for Cummins Diesel Generator Set


As an important component of Cummins diesel generator set, bearing has a huge impact on the life of diesel generator set, so what kind of bearing standards meet the requirements of diesel generator set? Here are some points to be noted:
1) Bearing gear ring
As transmission accuracy of Cummins diesel generator set bearing is not high, the gear modulus and gear ring diameter are relatively large, therefore, the accuracy of gear generally require the 9 or 10 level according to GB/ T10095.2 — 2001. However, as there is the impact between the pinion and bearing gear ring in the working state, so the bearing gear surface need be quenched, the pinion surface hardness is generally 60HRC, considering the life of the design, large gear surface quenching hardness should be not less than 45HRC.
2) Low-temperature impact work
Standard requirements for yaw, variable pitch turntable bearing rings low-temperature impact work: Akv is not less than 27J at -20 ℃, Akv at the cold state can be negotiated with the user. Wind-driven generator may work in very cold areas, the ambient temperature is as low as -40, the bearing operating temperature is about -20, so the bearings must withstand great impact load under low temperature condition.So low-temperature impact test is required for bearing ring material after tempering treatment, sampled part of the bearing ring or the sample with the same performance as bearing ring do the impact work test in the environment of -20 Celsuis.
3) Clearance
Yaw and pitch bearings have special requirements for clearance. Compared to yaw bearing, pitch bearing impact load is relatively large, the blade vibration is also large, so the pitch bearing clearance should be zero clearance or a slight negative clearance value, so the bearing wear can be reduced in the case of vibration.

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