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The Internal Causes for Diesel Generator Set Failure


If maintenance is not paid attention, diesel generator set is usually very prone to fail when used. Some failures are external causes, some are internal causes, and internal causes have the greatest impact on diesel generator set life. The following are some internal causes.

1. Material and oil properties
In the design and manufacturing process, materials need be properly selected according to the nature and characteristics of generator set parts, improper material selection and inappropriate substitutes are main causes of parts wear, corrosion, deformation, fatigue damage, rupture and aging and other phenomena. The properties of the various materials and oils used in the unit are nothing more than three aspects of physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties.

2. The structural characteristics of the generator set parts
Each part of the generator set has its own characteristics in the form of structure. In the work, external factors often work through these characteristics, resulting in relevant parts failure. For example, due to the structural characteristics of the engine water jacket, the cooling water is easy to form scale in the outer wall of the cylinder liner under high temperature, which affects the cooling effect of the cylinder liner.

3. The mechanical characteristics of the generator set parts
Direct contact and relative movement between the mechanical parts can cause friction and wear. For example, the diesel engine piston ring directly contact with the cylinder, the piston ring in the cylinder makes high-speed reciprocating linear motion in the course of work, resulting in cylinder wear. The mechanical parts of temperature changes will deform and crack due to thermal stress. For example, in the engine work process, the internal stress of the cylinder block and cylinder head has been redistributed due to high temperature to achieve a new balance, resulting in cylinder block and cylinder head plane warping deformation.

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