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It is Important to Safely Use Diesel Generator Set


Security risk accidents occurred because the diesel generator sets are not in accordance with the safe use norms recently, Hantech Power recommends that after buying diesel generator set, you need to see standardized guidelines several times, avoiding some security risks.

1. Pay attention to the risk of electric shock
The generator set power into the public line must go through the transfer switch with mechanical chain, ensuring the separation with the mains. If city power grid is needed, it must be approved by the professional sector (power supply bureau), and grid-specific equipment should be used. Otherwise there will be serious equipment and personal accident hazards.
The genset must be reliable grounding, the maintenance of electric equipment must use insulation tools, the risk of electric shock need be paid attention especially in a humid environment.
Comply with all electrical regulations, the electrical installation and maintenance of the equipment must be carried out by qualified professional electrical personnel.

2. Exhaust gas is toxic
There should be a suitable exhaust gas discharge system to ensure that the engine exhaust is out of the room, to always check the exhaust system for leaks. When the generator set room has exhaust gas, you should first open the doors and windows to discharge exhaust gas, to prevent poisoning from carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas.

3. Safe operation
Do not use generator set in places where there is a danger of explosives.
It is dangerous to be close to the running generator set. Loose clothes, hair and falling tools can cause personal and equipment accidents.
When the generator set runs, part of the exposed pipes and components are in a high temperature state, so touch burns needed be avoided.

4. Fire prevention
Metal items will lead to short circuit, causing fire hazards.
The engine need be kept clean, excessive oil dirts may cause the body damage and fire caused by overheating.
Place a few dry powder or carbon dioxide gas fire extinguishers in a convenient place of the generator room.

5. Safely use lead-acid battery
Lead acid battery dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is toxic and corrosive, exposure to the skin can cause burns, it should immediately be rinsed with water in case.
If splashed into the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of clean water and send the hospital for treatment.
Batteries can release explosive gases when used, to ensure that the indoor ventilation is good and prohibit open fire close.

6. Start safely
In very cold environment, starting the generator group need to preheat the device, do not use the open fire baking the body, the battery electrolyte temperature is best maintained at 10 Celsius or more, making the battery to provide enough power.

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