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The Noise Level of Silent Generator Set


Silent generator set is generator set that emit small noise when running. It’s used in places where generator set is required to supply power without noise interference, such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, banks, hotels, or other special places. These kind of silent generator set are used in special environment which are more expensive than ordinary ones.

The silent generator set achieve low noise by reducing air intake and exhaust noise. Generally the running noise of an open type diesel generator set can reach around 110 dB, even the world’s top quality diesel generator set, the noise level will not be less than 95 dB. When noise level is over 85dB, people’s health will be affected. So for the silent generator set the noise level is less than 85dB.

Recent years, diesel generator set technology has developed rapidly, all aspects of technology are become more and more mature, so is technology of the silent diesel generator. At present, the experienced generator set manufacturer has the best noise reduction ranging from 65 dB at 1 meters, while most are range from 75dB at 1 meter, and this is the noise reduction level that most diesel generator manufacturer can achieve. The noise level less than 65dB is a common goal for all the generator set manufacturer.

Hantech Power LTD is a professional generator set manufacturer, we can provide Cummins/Deutz/Perkins/HND/Weichai Diesel Generator Set. The silent type generator set noise level is range from 65dB to 80dB. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any demand on the silent generator set.

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