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Noise Control Measures for Diesel Generator Set Room


When the diesel generator set is running, noise of 95-110 dB (A) will be usually produced. If the necessary noise reduction measures are not taken, the noise of the unit will cause serious damage to the surrounding environment. In order to protect and improve the quality of the environment, noise must be controlled.

Through the use of high-performance sound-absorbing materials, noise reduction project uses advanced production technology and industrial production noise reduction muffler device to make noise reduction on the intake, exhaust channel and exhaust system, ensuring that the genset fully meets the national standards for environmental noise requirements based on the ventilation conditions and keeping the output power.

Diesel generator sets are complex machines with multiple sound sources. With the different structure and size of the unit structure and the operating conditions, the influence of each sound source on the total noise is different. Under normal circumstances, the noise of the unit is roughly arranged in the following order: exhaust noise, combustion noise or mechanical noise, fan noise, intake noise.

The basic idea of noise reduction design is: first identify the various noise sources in the maximum noise components and frequency characteristics, take the relevant technical measures to make the noise level of each sound source as much as possible to the same level, and reduce more for easily reduced noise source, and consider other technical requirements together(such as the impact of the unit output power, noise reduction costs and other specific factors).

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